Monday, September 4, 2017

Understanding why progressives love big government

In his book "The Principles of Sociology", Edward Alsworth Ross wrote the following: (page 267)
In the management of common affairs there is much to be said for the general as against the local political body. Too often local control sacrifices general and permanent interests to individual and immediate interests. Local control of education leaves its fate on the whole to men of less caliber and vision than those who determine it under state control. Local care of highways means less outlay on the roads of the commonwealth than sound economy demands. Local administration of forests or care of public health will generally be less enlightened than that of the state. Law enforcement by locally chosen officers permits each locality to be a law unto itself. In a word removing control farther from the ordinary citizen and taxpayer is tantamount to giving the intelligent, farsighted, and public-spirited element in society a longer lever to work with.

Note: Progressives hate the 50 states. They would nationalize everything if they had the chance. When he says "the state" he does not mean one of the 50.

That's why progressives hate taxpayers so much. You are arrogant enough to think you have a say. The progressives genuinely believe they're better than you: more enlightened, farsighted, and public-spirited. That's what gives them the right to centrally plan and control every aspect of your life, you see.

Additionally, this is why progressives always move on toward bigger and bigger government. Making government big in the individual states was bound to be not big enough. Once they found Nationalism, that lasted for them for all of about a decade or two. If progressives had the ability to move on to Intergalacticism, they'd drop Globalism in a heartbeat.

Even Theodore Roosevelt advocated for global government, he was the first one. Progressives lust after big government. It turns them on in a sick, twisted way.

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