Thursday, January 16, 2020

Behold the incredible power of the conservative protester

I just wanted to give a reminder of why one of the most powerful things a conservative can do is go out and protest. I mean, it's only listed in the constitution. But who reads that thing, right?

If you don't like the fake news media? Best thing you can do is go out and protest. If you don't believe me I can prove it to you. I'll even show you where a journalist has admitted this to be true. Sure, I am going to be at the March for Life next week so I do have a vested interest. But I have to tell you, I have those tingly little butterflies all in my stomach and I am so excited. It's been years since protesting has been considered "a thing" among conservatives, and I'm glad that a large number of conservatives are re-considering this foolish position.

Yes, I said it. Anybody who thinks its a waste of time for conservatives to protest has chosen a foolish position. Read below, I have the facts and I'm sure I can persuade you of why this is a wrong-headed belief. Conservatives MUST protest. We have a constitutional responsibility to do so.

First, and I won't spend much time on this because I'm sure you already know, the Governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency ahead of a gun-rights protest planned for next Monday. He has engaged in a good propaganda to bring up the 2017 Charlottesville incident to bolster his case. Hopefully, Richard B. Spencer will not show up and if he does, I would hope that the good guys would kick out a bad guy like him.

But anyways, moving on to number two. Secondly, some people will remember how badly that the Tea Parties were treated by the media in 2009 and 2010. Much of that is a decade-old now at this point, so I'll move on to my last example.

Nicholas Sandmann. Do I really need to say anything else? The media put their full fear of conservative protesters on display here. The entire situation is full of the stench of it. You can't miss it, once you recognize that awful smell.

Now, these are of course anecdotal evidences. Let's ask an actual journo-list. Are conservative protesters more powerful than you mr. journo?

In 1886 William Thomas Stead published an article titled "Government by Journalism". Now as an aside note, you will absolutely find everything in here that you would expect to find - media manipulation by the press? Good plan! - according to Stead. But there is one thing in this that can be easy to overlook. He wrote: (audiobook is available)

Public meetings, it will be said, are superior even to newspapers

That's really it the core highlight. But here is the full paragraph because its so much better.

Public meetings, it will be said, are superior even to newspapers as exponents of public feeling. It is true, because a public meeting is the direct utterance of the voice of Demos without any intermediary. There is nothing in England so powerful as a series of public meetings. But public meetings cannot always be sitting. Their effect, although enormous and immediate, is evanescent. It is only when the popular mind is very excited that spontaneous meetings can be held, and hitherto the attempt to get up meetings by wire-pullers at Birmingham and elsewhere has not been a conspicuous success.

Those are the facts. This is not anecdotal. This is not my opinion. That's from an actual journalist.

Now, to use the language that he has used: a protest is, at its core, a super-charged public meeting. Furthermore, a public meeting in a building might be limited to seat count. So you have a building with 300 seats, hows that compare to a 50,000 person or more strong march down Pennsylvania avenue to then do a series of speeches and etc. event on the Capitol front lawn? Lasting half the afternoon too.

That's power. And yes, all journalists know this, they'll just usually try not to say it.

This brings us to the discussion of voter motivation, which we need to make a note of. It is quite clear that the person who drives across several state lines is a way more motivated voter than the guy who just only shows up to the local town hall that's 15 minutes from home.

So, let's understand why it is that a protest more powerful than the media. The reason really is the same reason that the media are more powerful than politicians. Politicians are "people" out in a "far off distant land", be it 500 miles from your house to your state capital, or 2000 miles from your state to Washington D.C. But the journalist? Often times, the journalist resides in your city. The local news channel is probably not far from your house. Moreover, the journalist on the nightly news is right there every evening, five days of the week, there in your living room. The journalist spends time with you and your family in these hour long time frames. Now I know that media has changed quite a bit from years gone by with just the nightly newscasts, but the same is still true to some extent for cable TV news.

But compare this relatively close-by journalist to the Tea Party organizer. Can you walk up to your TV and shake (insert name)'s hand? Can you carry a conversation with this person? No, of course not, that's a sheet of glass with pixels projecting an image. Now maybe yes, you've gone to the news channel and had a conversation with them once or twice. But as a general rule, the politician is farther away from the people than the journalist, and the journalist is farther away from the people than the protest organizer. This is why conservative protesters are so powerful. You can go talk to them. Go shake their hand. Journalist ivory towers are much closer by, but they're still ivory towers. They're not on the ground. And if they do crawl out of their ivory towers, they're only down there to sneer at you for clinging to your Bibles and your guns. They're not there to actually understand you. Journalists do not like you.

As a protester, you're closer to the people than the media. If you keep these protests up? You win. If you sit at home on the couch? You lose.

Stick your finger in the eye of a journalist. Go make a sign and go be seen.

Go be powerful.

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