Friday, May 11, 2012

Journalists, Muckrakers, and the Committee on Public Information: Right from the beginning they failed us

Journalism has a very long history of betraying the constitution and the United States of America. You can see just how traitorous this group of people have been by tracking down members of America's first domestic propaganda mill, the Committee on Public Information. The CPI was around during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Most of these are in no particular order, also, some were life long journalists, others only spent part of their time as journalists before(or after) doing other things.

When Wilson created the CPI, George Creel, a journalist is who he tapped to lead the organization. Creel states one of the goals of the CPI was to make 'associates' out of journalists.

Edward Berhays, whose propaganda writings were used by Joseph Goebbels to exterminate Jews in Germany (see autobiography) was a member and a journalist.

Heber Blankenhorn was a member of CPI. Another journalist, he headed what appears to be a sub-group of the CPI known as G-2-D, which is giving me problems finding out more. But this is important because Blankenhorn worked with Lippmann in this organization.

The Father of Modern Journalism, Walter Lippmann, who initially worked for the Inter-Allied Propaganda Board overseas, was a member of CPI

Charles Merz, a journalist who co-authored "A test of the news" with Lippmann, was a member of CPI.(This is a direct CPI publication)

Ray Stannard Baker, was a journalist and CPI member.

Wallace Irwin and William Henry Irwin were both journalists and CPI members.

Ernest Poole was a member of CPI, and a journalist.

Edgar Sisson was a journalist and a member of CPI.

Carl Byoir was a journalist and was Creel's deputy.

Kenneth Durant, a CPI member and journalist, who went on to work for the Russian news agency TASS. Now having established these things, I'll note that Wikipedia rounds it out the same way as well.

William L Chenery was the publisher of Collier's, and a CPI member.

Ida Tarbell headed up the Women's Division of War-Work within the CPI along with Carrie Chapman Catt. Catt was a journalist, and Tarbell is remembered as one of the most influential muckrakers.

Clara Sears Taylor was a reporter and CPI member.

Paul Kennaday was a journalist, and CPI member.

Walter Prichard Eaton was a journalist and member of CPI.

William Dean Howells was a journalist and member of CPI.

William Allen White is considered one of the greatest journalists of all time. Member of CPI.

L. Ames Brown(Philadelphia Record), J W McConaughy(NY Evening Mail), Leigh Reilly(Chicago Herald),and Edward S Rochester(Washington Post) were all plucked from various places within the media and became members of the CPI.

There were plenty of other names which I couldn't find anything online about, so there could be more. The internet does have limits in this respect. There are also others who were writers of various things, and other activist types within CPI. But with respect to those who are supposed to be looking out for us, this betrayal that we live with today is nothing new. It's always been a widespread problem of reporters choosing to help and protect the powers that be, instead of questioning those they should be questioning.

Journalists being associated with propaganda is hardly an American phenomena either. Karl Marx was a journalist. Who was Joseph Goebbels before he became Joseph Goebbels?(everybody knows of him only as a nazi propagandist) Before this most infamous work, he was a journalist. All of these people knew how powerful the written(and now spoken) word is. Hey, could I interest you in an audiobook?

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