Saturday, February 8, 2014

If Christian schools teach love of Christ, what do government schools teach love of?

Its just a thought piece. I am sure I could cite hundreds, if not thousands of examples of topics removed from public government schools in favor of topics more sympathetic to social justice. As could you. There is a very long train of abuses here.

For topics on my mind in this context, I recently posted text of the 1100 Charter of Liberties, in which King Henry plainly stated that it is oppressive to buy back your inheritance - the death tax.

Also, I am currently recording the full text of the Colored Patriots of the American Revolution, here - How big of an impact would knowledge like this be to the race relations in this country that the progressives are constantly ripping to shreds?

And how much safer would all of ours' family's inheritance be if more people just knew that this was a battle that was already previously won.(then lost again)

Seems plain as day to me what government schools teach love of - government.

What does surprise me though is when people say "The public schools are out of control!" They are? By what metric, you mean Common Core? Your children are hostages to their cause. Government schools are doing exactly what government schools are supposed to do, become the Social Centre. In case it gets overlooked, if schools are the Social Centre, that makes government the social centre.

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